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Sun and surf owner Grant DavidSurfing has been my passion for over 30 years now. From amateur 'grommet' in 'QBC' Boardriders - Manly, NSW ( Australian club champions 1984') to competing professionally on the world tour with my brother Merrick in the 1990's (ex-world pro-am champion), to now teaching & coaching in Noosa, Q'ld. This experience together with great industry contacts allows us to offer you the best quality, value, style and service.

Retail shopping these days, lets face it, although a fun 'touchy feely' looking experience is really incredibly expensive. We can't blame retailers as rents, wages, overheads are so high, along with the high price mark-ups from some major brand surf co's now made mostly in Asia. We have created this site so that all our valued customers can be well informed and be able to access good quality items at a much better deal than Retail store price.

As a surf coach / guide we are always reminding clients for their sakes to "Please wear your hat, sunglasses, have you put sunscreen on ? " Put on a "rashy" (lycra shirt) preferably long sleeve, long loose board shorts or even "skins" now to cover up your legs. I even wear wetsuit booties for full coverage - my nickname is Daffy Duck !.. im out in the sun and surf alot. I learnt the hard way as already i've had a cancer sore cut out of my left leg. Fortunately it was detected early enough. You know the story already "prevention is a better than a cure". Even when some people don't listen we are still there to offer them the best treatment for rashes, sunburns and stings - Paw Paw ointment works wonders and/or pure Aloe Vera plant extract, or Calendular, Nature is the best provider !

At Noosa Learn to Surf, when our beginner surfers have completed their lessons on softboards and ready for a real surfboard, we look after them to ensure they get the right board for their ability, height and weight so they can confidently progress with their surfing and most importantly, have the most fun !

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